Successful Immigrants and Their Stories!

Immigration can be regarded as a synonym for Success! A majority of people would agree with me. A recent cover story of Navneet Singh Dhillon in the Hindustan Times elaborates on one successful story of a migrant, who moved to Canada from Liberia and became a millionaire at 21.

At present, he is a billionaire and owns three companies at the age of 45. He is often applauded as the ‘Biggest Asian landlord’. Dhillon advised that India must use technology and tap institutional money, the best solution towards solving India’s housing problem.

The story clearly indicates that Canada is decked with some of the brilliant opportunities to craft ones’ future with sheer radiance. Navneet Singh Dhillon ventured into the Real Estate business after immigrating to Canada and managed to double his investment during his first ever venture.

Another successful chronicle, Vinod Khosla, is an authoritative personality in Silicon Valley. Born in Pune in the year 1955, Vinod Khosla is one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems, founding Chief Executive Officer of Sun Microsystems and a highly successful Indian migrant!

The list is endless. Prospective countries like Canada, US, UK and Australia hold tremendous potential to craft the lives of people who come here from all over the world! One must have the potential and the capacity to utilize these opportunities to the fullest.

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