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Skilled Migration to Australia

Do you know that Skilled Migration to Australia is a hit concept? Yes, as per the available information, a large number of trained workers from across the globe have taken advantage of the fact that Australia requires a large number of them! And, using their skills, education and experience many such workers have successfully applied for the skilled visa, and entered the country to become its permanent resident and citizen thereafter.

Since too long, Australia has been facing the skill shortage even as the situation prevails even today. Thus, the country has opened its doors wide open for a large number of such workers who enter the country and support its economy.

Skilled Migration to Australia
Skilled Migration to Australia

Down Under is proud of its amazing work environment, salary, lifestyle and other amenities offered to the immigrants without any discrimination. Often qualified migrants have also given preference to Australia over other highly well developed countries, like the US and the UK.

Lately, the incumbent Malcolm Government has taken some tough decisions and restricted the movement of skilled workers. Temporary Work Visa for the skilled workers Subclass 457 has been completely abolished. The announcement had broken the moral of many skilled workers.

The changes did not end here, the country’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has also been shortened which means a large number of trained employees will have to re-plan their movement as their occupation is no longer listed on the national and state lists.

Skilled workers felt the relief when the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) released the Central Skilled Occupation Lists, such as Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and also some state occupation lists, such as the South Australia State Nomination Occupation List (SNOL), and the Western Australia Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL).

Skilled Migration to Australia

Australia’s Point based immigration system, duly maintained by the DIBP, is appreciated worldwide mainly due to its quick processing and transparency. In fact, some countries–like New Zealand and Canada–have developed almost a similar points based immigration system for their respective countries. And the interesting thing is that even their systems are doing fine and drawing lots of talent from far and wide.

What is General Skilled Migration Programme or GSM?

It’s a wonderful scheme that targets the skilled workers and motivates them to move to the nation using their in-demand skills. Skilled workers are proven assets. They play a key role in boosting and improving an economy. Coming back to the GSM, the main motive of the GSM is to combat the tough situation of skill shortage in the country. There are many occupations where in there is dearth of suitable talent, and thus the country’s economy suffers. In order to keep the country’s economy in flow, a large number of skilled visas are issued through the GSM.

How to apply for a Skilled Visa through GSM?

Skilled migration to Oz is nearly an impossible task without applying through the GSM. To present a petition apply, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), through an online tool SkillSelect, and once your EOI is accepted, an Australian employer can sponsor you, or a state or territory organization can sponsor your skilled visa.

The DIBP has introduced several easy-to-follow visa categories, such as Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), Skilled Nominated (Provisional Visa), skill sponsored (provisional visa), skilled regional visa, Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), and Regional Skilled Migration Scheme.

Skilled migrants interested in Australia immigration must pay attention to certain parameters that are important to meet, such as age, language, education, skill, character and health assessment.

Consult Experienced Australia Immigration Consultant!

You can easily simplify the somewhat complex Australia Immigration process only if you consult a trusted Australia immigration consultant. Some specific players like Abhinav have a good track record and they can be trusted upon to sail through the long drawn out visa application process, and make Skilled Migration to Australia an affair to remember.

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