Telecommunication Engineer

Engineers are one of the most demanded occupations all over the world. No matter in which field of engineering you are if you have relevant and required qualification and experience then you can easily migrate to other country. Like other countries Australia also requires qualified workers who are specialized in specific skill.

Telecommunication engineer is an engineer that enhances telecommunication system. The work range under this profession is from basic circuit design to strategic mass development. Engineer under this occupation are responsible for designing and overseeing the installation telecommunication facilities and equipment, such as copper wire telephone facilities, electronic switching system, and fiber optics.

Telecommunication is a diverse field of engineering which connect structural, civil, and electronic and electrical engineering. Ultimately, engineers in this field are responsible for providing the method for customers to have high speed data or telephone services.

Telecommunication engineer develops and design telecommunication devices, system and products. There are various tasks performed under this occupation which are as follows-

  • Building designing, configuring, planning, and commissioning telecommunication network, devices and system such as radio, two-way, voice, data, satellite, microwave, and digital data system and also ensuring telecommunication system interconnect with equipment from different manufacturers users and service providers.
  • Compiling all the engineering projects proposals to identify scope, define goals, background and need and ascertain cost of parts, equipment and service.
  • Procuring and evaluating new services and products from vendors.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations, laws, procedure and policies in the provision of telecommunication system.
  • Determining appropriate configuration of telecommunication software and hardware so as to ensure desired performance of various equipment
  • Interpreting and preparing drawings, regulations, for the use of equipment.
  • Determining the arrangement and types of circuit, circuit breakers, transformers, transmission line and equipment.
  • Monitoring telecommunication system so as to assess the upgrades, updates, preventive maintenance, enhancement, and new system.
  • Developing and selecting new sites of telecommunication by locating sites, drawing up documents for approval filing documents, drafting construction drawings and following through approval.

These are some of the performed by the profession under this occupation. This occupation is among one of the most challenging and interesting occupations. This profession has level of skills that commensurate with either higher qualification or bachelor degree. In some cases relevant work experience or job training may require along with the above stated qualification.

Applicants under this occupation are eligible for skilled migration under, skillselect, regional sponsored migration scheme, employer nomination scheme, temporary business (subclass 457). Before migrating as skilled migrant applicant is required to get his/her skill assessed from a relevant national assessing authority. The assessment authority for this profession is engineers Australia.

One can always gain extra points for qualification and work experience, to can gain extra points applicant is required to forwards all the relevant documents regarding qualification and work experience to the assessment authority. Assessing authority will provide advice to the department regarding your provided documents.

Licensing and registration may require in this profession. In some occupation one must be registered or must obtain license from a relevant local authority of state or territory.

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