Electronic Engineering Draftsperson

There is a lot of scope in Australia for qualified professional. Those who are skilled and qualified person then you should not miss any opportunity regarding Australia. There are many opportunities for qualified professional in Australia. Electronic engineering draftsperson is among on those occupations which are demanded in Australia.

Electronic engineering draftsperson prepares detailed plans and drawing of electronic engineering work support of engineer technologist and electronic engineer. This profession is listed in consolidate sponsored occupation list. Consolidate sponsored occupation list states all the occupations which are in demand in Australia.

This occupation requires specific level of skills i.e., diploma, advance diploma, or AQF associate degree. 3 years of minimum experience can substitute the above stated formal qualification. Work experience or job training may require along with the above stated formal qualification in some cases.

Applicants migrating under this occupation are also eligible for skilled migration under various programs such as temporary business (subclass 457), SkillSelect, regional sponsored migration scheme, employer nomination scheme. There are various tasks performed under this profession-

  • To prepare plans, diagrams and drawings for work regarding electronic engineer.
  • To develop, construct and test electronic equipment and associate circuit in accordance with technical manual and instruction of engineering technologist and electronics engineer
  • To perform test, graph result, prepare tabulations and charts
  • To estimate material quantities and cost
  • To evaluate the performance of equipment
  • To inspect design and finished products, for compliance with drawings, specification, regulations and contracts.
  • To install, test, repair and modify electronic equipment.

These are some of the tasks performed under this occupation. Through above tasks we can easily depict that how much interesting occupation is this. Before migrating as skilled migrant applicant must have his/her skills assessed by a relevant national assessing authority. Assessment authority for this profession is engineers Australia.

One can always gain extra points for his/her qualification and work experience in closely related or nominated occupation. The only thing is required to be done is you must forward all the relevant documents regarding them to the assessing authority. Assessing authority will provide advice to The Department regarding your qualification or work experience. On the basis of this The Department will consider the provided advice when awarding points on work experience and qualification.

Skill assessment is very important when it comes to skilled migration. Various aspects of an applicant are assessed such as age, language skills, work experience, qualification, etc. Points are awarded accordingly.

Licensing and registration may also require in this occupation. In Australia, much occupation obtaining license or registration with local authority in state or territory where the applicant is interested in practicing his/her occupation, is essential. So for this you are required to contact local authority in relevant state or territory so as to enquire about the registration and licensing requirements.

Australia requires skilled and qualified professional especially those who can support Australian economy and can contribute to the growth of the economy. While in the process of immigration applicant may also require to show that he/she can support himself/herself in Australia financially.

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