Metallurgical or Materials Technician

When it comes to opportunities, then Australia is the right place for it. Yes, you heard right Australia requires qualified professional especially who can contribute to the Australian economy and can support the economy. The opportunities are for various professional. The skilled professionals are always demanded by many countries such as- Australia, New Zealand, US, Singapore, U.K, Dubai, Canada etc.

Metallurgical or Materials Technician is counted among one of the most demanded occupation in Australia. Professional under this occupation test materials as part of metal and mineral processing and refining or for research into ceramics, polymers, metals, and other materials in support of metallurgical or materials engineers.

This profession was previously known as 3129-13 metallurgical or materials technician. This occupation is listed in consolidate sponsored occupation list and RSMS occupation list. If you are qualified in this profession n then you are demanded in Australia.

As this profession is featured in CSOL- consolidate skilled occupation list, it is possible to apply for a skilled regional nominated 489 visa, skilled nominated 190 visa, or a number of employer sponsored options if one have a firm offer of employment.

Specialization- dye penetrant testing technician, heat treatment technician, metallurgy laboratory technician, magnetic testing technician, non-destructive testing technician, petroleum refinery laboratory technician, petroleum product laboratory technician, ultrasound technician, pressure testing technician are some of the specialization under this occupation.

Australia has identified this profession to fill up in metal processing industry for a long term basis. The skilled migrants are being given opportunities to explore their potential in Australia. However, this may depend upon how they matchup the basic eligibility or criteria.

This occupation requires AQF associate degree diploma or advance diploma. Minimum 3 years of relevant experience can replace the formal qualification which is stated above. Job training or work experience may required along with the formal qualification. Unlike most other profession this profession gives equal consideration to both- experience and formal education. A person with relative experience can but without formal education can also make an application.

Most of the application take route of point based skilled migration visa to reside and work in Australia. This requires applicant to place an EOI- expression of interest on skillselect and have to go through points test. Each application is evaluated on the basis of qualification, education, skills, experience. Applicants required to score at least 60 points to qualify the skilled migration.

The rise in demand for this profession in Australia has led to an intense competition. It is suggested to get done an early skill assessment. VATASSESS is one of assessment authority that undertakes assessment work for this occupation.

Licensing and registration may require in this occupation. In Australia many occupation require registration or licensing from relevant local authority of state or territory. To enquire about this applicant must approach to the local authority for licensing and registration requirement.

In the past few years we have seen the consistent rise in the extraction and ore industry in Australia. So if you are among one of them who have above qualification and experience than you are demanded in Australia.

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