Telecommunication Field Engineer

Field of engineering is wide and fast field. The scope for engineers is very good. Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, US, U.K, etc. have good opportunities for engineers. Telecommunication field engineer is one of the intersecting and challenging occupations.

Professional in this occupation plans, design, monitor, commission, complex telecommunication network and associated equipment provides technical information, advice, and also identifies the problem which are complex and initiates action to resolve them.

This profession is listed under various occupation list of Australia such as- skilled occupation list, regional sponsored occupation list, and RSMS occupation list. These list states all the occupations which are in demand in Australia these days.

This profession has level of skills that commensurate with an advance diploma or AQF associate degree, relevant experience in this field can replace the requirement of formal qualification (above stated). In some cases applicant may require to have job training or work experience along with the above stated formal qualification.

Person under this occupation perform various tasks such as-

  • Maintaining, repairing, installing and diagnosing malfunctioning of microwave, telemetry, satellite, multiplex, and other electromagnetic wave communication system and other radio
  • Integrating and configuring network and telecommunication technology with computer hardware, software, peripheral, desktops, operating system and database.
  • Recording and developing logs of details status, and location of inventories, equipment, parts, and instrument, and also maintaining documentation of communication, procedure, policies, regulation, guidelines, and quality standard
  • Providing technical information and advice, and monitoring, the performance of complex telecommunication equipment and network.
  • Developing and planning of customer access infrastructure of telecommunication and network
  • Liaising with suppliers, vendors, service providers and external resources and monitoring¬† contractual obligation and performance delivery
  • Providing ongoing operational support in designing, troubleshooting, optimizing, diagnosing, repairing, and resolving of telecommunication performance, faults and defects

These are some of the tasks performed by engineer in this field. Applicant under this occupation are also eligible for skilled migration under the following programs- employer nomination scheme, skillselect, regional sponsored migration scheme, temporary business (subclass 457).

Before migrating as skilled migrant applicant is required to get his/her skill assessed by a relevant national skill assessment authority. The authority will assess skills of an application; the assessment is on various aspects such as age, qualification, work experience, language skills (Australian official language).

If you want to earn extra points for work experience or for qualification in skill assessment then you must forward all the documents regarding qualification and work experience to the assessment authority and on the basis of the documentation provided by you the assessment authority will provide advice to The Department. On the basis of the provided advice The Department will award points.

Many occupations in Australia require licensing and registration too. Make sure you have enquired about if this occupation requires licensing or registration before migrating. Applicant is also need to show that he/she can support himself/herself in Australia financially. Applicant is also required to show all the documentation regarding health and character. So if you have required qualification and experience then you are demanded in Australia under this occupation.

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