Wish to Get Permanent Resident Visa for Australia?

Australia is a multi-cultural country. Lately, the immigration process for the famous overseas destination has been simplified and made better. The common language spoken is English is six states and two territories. With growing economy the country has a lot to offer and welcomes people with high ambitious and dreams.

Also known as Oz, the nation is a popular destination and is a sixth largest country in the world with beautiful beaches, blue water, ancient rock formation and high economic growth. The country is preferred by many professional to migrate and start a new life–both professionally and personally. The country is highly developed and has a strong economy and encourages people with high professional skills to migrate. Those, who wish to migrate to the country, are assessed purely on the basis of points based system.

Points are given for education qualification, professional work experience besides language expertise together with financial capacity, though immigration to the destination is also achievable through the well-known Family Migration and Humanitarian Plans.

Oz offers great and rewarding opportunities to people from different backgrounds, experience, ages and qualification. It attracts those who can contribute to the country’s economy. If you are under the age group of 45, speak English, and have the necessary qualifications, along with experience, then you are eligible for the cherished Permanent Resident Visa for Australia.

A Resident Permit is given to the non-citizens who are the holder of a permanent visa. Any permanent resident can live, work and study, without any restrictions, and they can enjoy all other rights and entitlements, as per the constitution of the country.

At what stage you can apply for permanent visa?

You can apply for permanent visa once you have lived and worked in the country for two years or more, or have obtained sponsorship under the regional sponsored migration scheme.

To get a PR Permit for Australia, there are specific requirement that an applicant must fulfill like

  • Health Test: The applicant must undergo a mandatory health test. Various tests include an x-ray, HIV test or test of tuberculosis in general along with other test.
  • Character test: Candidates who have criminal record are considered a national threat and may be denied visa to the country.

The duration to get a PR Visa for Australia varies from application to application and the kind of visa applied for. In some cases, it might take longer than the expected duration. In many cases, the visa application is refused merely because of wrong document representation.

Against this backdrop, it is always best to take a professional experience guideline from migration agent before applying for the permit. Though a migration agent cannot assure you of a visa, he can offer your fruitful and useful guidance for obtaining the same.

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