Temple Priest Accused of Visa Scam!

A Hindu priest living in the US has been taken into custody for committing scams related with visa frauds. It has been speculated that he used to charge amounts of almost $ 30,000 to make Indians come into the US on an illegal basis as religious workers.

The concerned person, Sagarsen Haldar, 30, was coming abck to India as he was taken into custody at the O-Hare International Airport in Chicago. The arrest was followed by a thorough investigation by the Immigration officers. According to a media release, he used to lead Gaudiya Vaisnava Society and used to commit all the visa related crimes under its banner. Allegations are that he has by now provided sponsorship to 33 Indian nationals under the tagline of “R-1” visas.

The scams were related to bringing undocumented workers from India where applications falsely stated that the applicants would work as religious workers at the Gaudiya Vaisnava Society.

The immigration officers have confirmed that after entering the premises, these applicants used to get indulge in other employment opportunities, leaving aside their mentioned religious status on their application form. Some of them were not even having any experience of working in a religious community before.

The accused was involved in huge religious visa fraud scheme, a facet which allowed him to earn dollars with every case.

Misusing the visa documents is a crime in all senses. Taking advice from an Immigration visa expert would serve beneficial in a hassle free application process.

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