UK to Review the Plan of Immigration Cap!

It is quite surprising to learn that the UK’s Coalition government is considering giving a second thought to their decision to have immigration cap on immigrants from non-European Union nations. Interestingly, having an immigration cap is one of the primary policies to implement in the UK by the David Cameron-led Coalition government. Of late, many senior Conservative ministers expressed their will to rethink about the policy, since they fear such a stance would hurt the British economy in large.

In order to make the nation’s immigration policy more business-friendly, the nation’s home secretary, Theresa May will conduct a consultation, where the ministers would re-discuss the migration plan. They are most likely to take factors like the nation’s and its various industries’ concerns into account while re-discussing the plan, in order to achieve a final scheme of the same.

Conservative Party is still in favor of reducing the immigration level to the level of 1990s, the policy being their one of the strengths in election campaigns. But, many of them also think that the limitation in immigration will have adverse effect on the nation’s economy. The Coalition government’s intention to lower the inflow of migrant workers form outside the European Union nations has made many believe that the plan might restrict British employers from hiring the best of overseas talents or in other words, the plan is likely to convey negative message to overseas students, as well as entrepreneurs.

The Home Secretary said that the government still wants to reduce the migration level in the UK, but it will also consider listening to different views regarding the migration plan during the consultation for sake of the nation and its economy.

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