Test for UK Permanent Residence & Citizenship!

In order to qualify for immigration to the United Kingdom, the applicant must undergo a test known as the “Life in the UK Test”. This test is conducted by the UK Border Agency which is under the Home Office which oversees the UK immigration. This test is for those individuals who would want to settle down in the United Kingdom as a Permanent Resident on an Indefinite Leave to Remain. Also, those who would want to apply for a British citizenship would also have to clear this test.

The test includes subjects pertaining to UK such as history, culture and the daily life in the nation. The main objective behind this test is to check whether the immigrant has been able to adjust, acquaint and live in the United Kingdom integrating well with the local people.

The test is computer based containing twenty four questions which are multiple choice options. The duration of the exam is forty five minutes. The applicant must score 75 percent or get a minimum of eighteen questions in order to qualify. Clearing this test proves that the candidate has enough knowledge about the life in the nation as well as proficient skills in English. As per the immigration policies of the nation, he must be well acquainted with both.

This test is based on the book “Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship”. This book is the main resource material for the test as it caters to all the aspects of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The subjects include basic rules and regulations, housing and employment, education, government institutions and so on. This book is easily available at the book stores or even at the Home Office. Apart from this, one can browse the Internet to get more and be better prepared.

This test is conducted in all the accredited centers in the United Kingdom. To know more, it is best to contact an immigration specialist who would always be updated in this regard.

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