Thai Ship Assumed of ‘People Smuggling’ by Canada!

A ship speculated by Canada to have carried 200 undocumented immigrants may be leaving towards B.C. from Southeast Asia. The ship called the MV Sun Sea has been thoroughly monitored and taken care by the authorities. In addition, it was last seen continuing its voyage in the Gulf of Thailand and now moving towards Canada.

If reports are to be believed, the ship is under the control of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. It as also been speculated that the vessel is linked with terrorist activities going all over the world. Experts believe that the ship is constantly changing its course of movement to deceive the authorities which are monitoring every move of it.

It has been said that the Thai cargo ship was originally moving towards the land of Kangaroos when suddenly it changed its direction towards Canada. The vessel even idled for some time in between before changing its final destination.

According to a spokesperson from Foreign Affairs, their department is acquainted of the fact that a ship departed from South Asia and is currently moving towards Canada. She went on to say that their effort is to stop such ships but it is unsure as to why such stoppage didn’t happen in this case. Hence, the reports are taken seriously and the movements of the vessel are monitored now.

With strict immigration checks on the asylum seekers from Sri Lanka from Canadian side, a strict monitoring on this vessel would allow the authorities to track down the facet of illegal immigration in a major way.

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