Asylum Seekers Offered Help!

Asylum Seekers living on Christmas Island who have nodded to go back to their homes could get extra facilities like money and education if they intend to start an altogether a new small business. The package is initiated by the IOM, which recently came out with an office on the Christmas Island.

According to a notice from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the main job of IOM would be to offer advice and assistance to the asylum seekers, with a facet of promoting voluntary departures from Australia.

Reports say that there are so many asylum seekers in detention which could not be given the status of refugees. Also, the rejection rates in recent times have increased by a huge margin. But the department cannot remove them in a forceful manner. Additionally, the process of catering to their individual cases would take months, knowing the fact that the detention centre is already overflowing with the asylum seekers. Hence, Australia is ready to assist all those asylum seekers who are planning to go back to their homes.

According to an IOM spokes person, the concerned asylum seekers can come to IOM and speak up about their problems and any kind of assistance needed in terms of education, job or housing related matters. IOM has already confirmed that the main motto behind this move is to help the asylum seekers cope up with their future plans ahead.

It is one of the great moves to help people who are struck in a limbo.

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