Bangladeshi Individual Detained in Kolkata!

In a recent instance, a Bangladeshi individual was detained by the immigration officials at Kolkata airport in India. The man has been charged with allegations that he has connection with al-Qaeda, the Islamist terrorist organization.

Nawaz Abdur Rahim, the man in question had landed in India, who was traveling to India with his father in an intention to attend a wedding in Southern state, Kerala. They were flying on a Jet Airways plane and after they landed at Kolkata airport, the immigration personnel put the man from Bangladesh into detention. While Nawaz was put into immigration detention, his father was permitted to move to Kerala to attend the ceremony.

It is learnt that the US’ FBI has suspect on the Bangladeshi man regarding his connections with terrorists and it has been looking for Nawaz. However, the Indian immigration officials have not confirmed yet that Nawaz has been detained for his terror links. As said by the officials, Nawaz was obstructed at the Kolkata airport, because he did not have sufficient travel documents with him.

As per the information provided by the Intelligence Bureau, Nawaz Abdur Rahim was also detained by the Bangladesh officials earlier from going to Malaysia. However, it is yet to know whether the allegations of terror links attached to the name of the Bangladeshi man are true or not. But, it is risky on part of every country to let a terror suspect to roam freely.

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