Thai Workers Attracted Into Slavery in U.S.!

Reports say that Thai workers are lured into the facets of slavery in the United States of America. More than twenty four Thai farm workers were lined up at Wat Thai Buddhist temple in Sun Valley, of what has been regarded as one of the biggest case of human-trafficking in the history of the country.

The case has represented that people from Thailand are lured in the country and taken into the aspects of slavery. In addition, the case of Orian assosciates has come forward who are believed to have their involvement in labor coercion of hundreds of farm workers who come to the United States.

A farm worker has depicted his story stating that he was recruited for the task of picking up apples in Washington while in Hawaii, he was recruited to pick pineapples. He was being said that he would be indulged in a 40-hour work week. But to his surprise, the contrary happened to him. After landing in Seattle, despite of finding ample freedom, he was charged a fee of $18,000 in the name of his recruitment. Further, he was not given as much as work hours which were promised to him. To worsen the matter, he was threatened with violence and was warned against the aspect that he would NOT tell anyone about this procedure.

He managed to escape after a year, running through the fields in the midst of dark night.

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