The Arizona Debate Continues!

The US President Barack Obama has been alleged for politicizing the conflict regarding the issue of illegal aliens and migration. These accusations surfaced in a court brief which was filed by the Immigration Reform Law Institute and the American Center for Law and Justice. This was on behalf of the Congress members appealing to the 9th US Court Circuit of Appeals to continue with the new law on immigration in Arizona.

At the same time, some of the key points in the law were blocked by a federal judge as being unconstitutional before it was to be implemented. According to the Chief Counsel for ACLJ, Jay Sekulow, there is no doubt that the law in Arizona has been implemented to protect its local citizens and that they are hopeful that the Federal Appeals Court would take the relevant action to bring about the key provisions to be implemented in the law.

He also said that the Federal District Court away slipped from taking the right decision by not being able to protect the constitutional right of Arizona to protect its borders and citizens. This clearly projects the needs for the segregation of powers. Hence, the lawsuit filed by the federal government should bring about the change which should be looked upon as a constitutional overreach.

This clearly shows that constant debate which has been taking place which arose post the introduction of the immigration law in Arizona. More so, it can be said that in a way this has divided the nation merely on the concept of immigration. All that could be said is that the right decision has to be taken keeping the integrity of the immigrants in place along with protecting the borders of the nation.

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