The Reentry Permit for US Permanent Residents!

The US government has posed certain restrictions on all its permanent residents when it comes traveling abroad. The reentry permit is an answer to these permanent residents who can enter the United States. This permit tends to identify the intentions of the immigrant whether he wanted to abandon his status or not. This program allows an individual to enter the United States after having been overseas for 2 years. This is when he has not acquired a retuning resident visa. This permit usually lasts for duration of 2 years from the date that it has been issued.

In order to apply for this permit, the applicant needs to submit the Form I-131 along with the fee. It is suggested that this form is filed way in advance to the trip, atleast 60 days in prior. Also, the candidate should be present in the United States while filing this form.

Incase, the applicant intends to reside outside the United States for less than a year, he does not need apply for this permit. Also, if the applicant has been residing overseas for less than a year, he is permitted to use his Permanent Resident Card in the form of his document for travel.

The total fee is $385 which also involves the fee for application which costs $305 along with a biometric fee of another $80. Incase the candidate would want an email notification or a text message once his application has been accepted; he needs to file the Form G-1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance. This form should be attached with the first page of the main application.

Once the application has been submitted, within 30 days the applicant would receive the Form I-797 Receipt Notice which confirms that the application has been accepted. This would be followed by a Notice for Appointment which would need you to be present at the Local Application Support Center where in your fingerprints would be taken.

However, the application would not be approved if the applicant already has a valid reentry permit. And also, if it has been prohibited by the federal register where in a notice has been kept to not allow such a permit for travel purposes to the specific places.

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