Indian Physician Makes it Big in Canada!

At the time when most immigrant doctors from India are struggling to get their degrees recognized by Canada in one of the most popular Canadian cities, Toronto, here is the news that would make all Indians feel proud, as well as inspire medicos to make it big in foreign land. The founder of BSA Diagnostic Medical Imaging Center, who hails from Amritsar, Punjab in India has made it big in the Canadian land. The center happens to be one of the largest medical facilities in Canada. A graduate from the Amritsar Medical College, Birinder Ahluwalia is a famous figure in Canada, thanks to not only his professional achievements, but also for his contributions to the cultural aspect.

Physician Ahluwalia immigrated to Toronto in the year 1985. He started off his career in the Canadian city as a courier boy. However, he did not wait much time, as soon after he joined the chief of the RDS Diagnostics as his assistant. Alongside, he was training as a diagnostic imaging specialist. He just took the right move at the time. Diagnostic imaging was just taking off, where there were lots of opportunities in the field at that time.

He then opened the BSA Diagnostic Imaging Center in the year 1989- the vehicle for his successful journey! In 2009, the center handled a total of seventy thousand cases. According to Mr. Ahluwalia, his center expects to treat even more patients this year. It was his achievement which earned him the one of the top 25 slots for the immigrant achievers in Canada. He accompanied the Canadian PM Stephen Harper to India in 2009.

Birinder Ahluwalia’s achievements are not restricted to only his profession. He is one of the founders of the Toronto’s Spinning Wheel Film Festival. Mr. Ahluwalia is the perfect example of a promising immigrant who holds the determination to make something remarkable in foreign land. He, especially, is a role model to immigrant doctors in Toronto, where one can find the highest number of immigrant physicians who are earning their livelihood as taxi drivers, due to the non-recognition of their degrees.

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