Worst Passport Applauded!

According to a latest survey, it has been confirmed that Afghan and Iraqi Passports are regarded as the worst in all over the globe. As per the report, the findings prove that Arabian citizens find it extremely hard to get visas to visit international places.

Each nation is given one point per country that the people of that country can enter without the need of going for a visa beforehand. The same has been confirmed from the statistics of IATA International Air Transport Association ().

The report has further stated that that the rankings at this global level resonates the global travel freedom of the nationals of various nations as well as the kind of relations these nations share with other countries. Similarly the visa requirements also contemplate the kind of relation these countries share with each other.

As far as the list is concerned, Afghanistan is at the lowest level of the list as managed to get just 26 points. This means that the nationals of Afghan have the freedom to enter just 26 nations without the need of going for a visa beforehand. Iraq is not so far as it managed to get just 27 points.

The country which got the top most position is the United Kingdom with an unbeaten 166 points. It has been speculated that, rather immigration experts strongly believe that stringent visa requirements play a critical role in affecting the travel plans of people, hence affecting the image of the country as well.

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