Things Not to Miss Out in Manitoba!

Manitoba is one of the biggest Canadian provinces, which is driven by agriculture. If you are a tourist visiting Canada, ensure that you don’t skip Manitoba. Indulge in the following:


  • The northern region of Manitoba is host to the northern lights which is a spectacular view to watch at starry nights. These could be best viewed between January and March on a clear night. This is also known as the one of the all time adventures experienced in a lifetime. These northern lights could be watched from the specially made see – through domes meant for this purpose.
  • Bird watching is one exercise offering calm and peace to a traveler trying to connect with the nature. The province of Manitoba is home more than five hundred species of birds which is around two – thirds of the entire bird species found in Canada. During the spring season, north bound birds are a spectacular to watch flying over the lakes and forests in flocks. The North American Birding Hotspot at the Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre is a must visit. This place was awarded for the Best Environmental Experience by British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow in 2002. Other places offering similar experiences include those of Delta Marsh and the Riding Mountain National Park.
  • The capital city of Manitoba – Winnipeg is the home of the polar bears. The tundra region is a must to be explored for which there are vehicles that have been designed for this purpose. The best time for viewing these bears is during October and November. They could be easily found roaming around the coastline waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze. The place is decked to live, eat and sleep with the bears roaming by your side.
  • Resting by the lake is the best form of relaxation that a traveler can get. Camping or a cottage to rest by the side of some of the biggest and the best lakes in the world could be done here. You can rest or dive in during the scorching summers or a calm walk in the moonlight, gazing at the stars would be the perfect way to spend a vacation.
  • For those looking for some adventure, hiking and biking are the activities found here. The highest point in Manitoba – Baldy Mountain along with the ranges at the Duck Mountain Provincial Park is host to some of the ancient glaciers. Some of these formed almost 10,000 years ago. On the other hand, the Spruce Woods Provincial Park is host to the sand dunes. The ancient granite at the Whiteshell along with the waterfalls near the Paint Lake includes the other spots to be visited. With these are trails everywhere for the bikers and the hikers along the forests.
  • The Canadian countryside offers something different. A vacation at the country side amidst the lush green fields is the perfect mode to relax. With this, you can get to witness many of the Canadian festivals and other fall suppers held in small towns.
  • Last but not the least; indulge in some shopping as well. Winnipeg is one place where you can find a blend of everything. A combination of food and music. You can find many shopping malls along with casinos and museums and other historic sites.

However, there are many other sites and activities that are also a must visit! So, make sure that you cover all the major aspects of Manitoba while planning your vacation.

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