Think BIG & Enjoy Australian PR Benefits!

Australian PR Benefits

It is an open secret that the Australian PR Benefits inspire all to move to the destination as a permanent resident, and enjoy them in the most fruitful way. Here, PR stands for Permanent Residence. But the million dollar question is: who is a permanent resident and why he is entitled to some amazing benefits in the country?

Australian PR Benefits
Australian PR Benefits

Well, permanent residents are those migrants who are not citizens of the country but who can live permanently in there in and get almost every right that goes to the citizens of the country. For instance, the PR Visa holders in Oz receive every facility and right that goes to the citizens of the country, except the right to vote, and work in the armed forces of the country.

The PR Visa is something like the US Green Card which–as it is too well known–is a highly cherished commodity. Interestingly, the Indian movies, among others, have done a lot to create awareness in India about the US Green Card.

In numerous Indian movies we find how the hero is an NRI and a Green Card holder and he comes to India and sweeps the heroine off her feet only to escort her to the US, right?

It’s true that when you get the US Green Card you are on top of the world, and feel if you have got everything and nothing more remains to be obtained or sought.

Coming back to Australia, the Australian PR Benefits, and immigration in general, it’s a fact that we all want to do well in life; draw bigger pay packages; live in highly developed societies; enjoy superlative healthcare and educational facilities; obtain excellent environment for developing and launching profitable business ventures; and get full government support and care when we are unemployed and/or old; and before we forget, revel in cool, pollution-less environment.

But do we get these in our native country? Despite all the tall claims made by successive governments here in India, it’s a fact that we are nowhere receiving these. We are still a developing nation and way behind most global economies.

So, what should be the way out? There must be a solution, right? Yes—there is! Move overseas, say, to Australia!  But why move abroad, and if we have to really move, why shift to Oz, and not to say the US or the UK? Well, Down Under is a highly developed global economy. It boasts of all about which we can only dream of.

Many other developed countries also offer full support to the migrants and provide the best educational and healthcare support, not to mention rewarding job and business opportunities, but there’s something very special about Australia that is hard to find elsewhere, barring, perhaps, Canada.

No wonder, these two particular nations are currently the two most extensively visited global hotspots, and attract the most number of migrants from all over the world, including, of course, India.

In fact, in this particular part of the world, the craze for these two particular hotspots is very high, so much so that almost every second would-be migrant wishes to move to either of these two specific destinations, for one or the other reasons. And, nearly every second migrant wishes to become a permanent resident in Canada or Australia–whichever nation he could be moving to.

A large credit for this fascination goes to the successive governments of these two countries which have done a lot, to make their nations a magnet in the eyes of the discerning would-be migrants. Right from introducing several pro-migrants schemes and policies to welcoming the outsiders in the all possible way, Canberra and Ottawa have done a lot over the years.

Talking of the former, most candidates keen to move to Oz wish to move as a permanent resident, to enjoy the numerous Australian PR benefits proffered by the government at the local and central levels in this hotspot.

While the common benefits that greet those who have a PRV in the country have already been widely talked about at the various forums–such as earn in dollars; reside, work and study in any Australian state; sponsor your relatives to join you in Oz, move without a visa to numerous destinations in the world, etc.–there is one benefit that surpasses all in importance and value and that is citizenship.

The permanent residents of the Kangaroo Land are eligible to submit an application for the nation’s much sought after citizenship, and get it, of course, if they fulfill the mandatory conditions required for the same.

But how you can you enjoy the different Australian PR benefits and what the key immigration categories are using which you can move to country as a permanent resident? Well, you can enjoy the many benefits that greet the PR visa holders by successfully applying under any of the PR visa categories up-for-grabs.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) proffers numerous easy-to-follow PR Visa streams. Check the official websites or get in touch with your immigration agent TODAY!

You can use the popular skilled worker category, if you are a trained worker and your profession is in demand in the country and given on the latest Skilled Occupation Lists (SOLs).  You can also opt for the business/investment category, if you have deep pockets and can contribute handsomely to the Australian economy. The choice, as they say, is yours.

Speak to your immigration agent for more information on the subject. Find out how you can easily and speedily get a PR Visa and enjoy the many Australian PR benefits! Your time starts now!

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