Australia Immigration via Skilled Worker Programme – the Only Major Visa Option Left

Australia Immigration via Skilled Worker Programme

Skilled workers are proven assets for all–whether Australia or the US or the UK. Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, they, i.e., the trained manpower, handsomely contribute to the economy of these hotspots, and help them grow further. In the case of Australia immigration, especially the qualified labor force, via the skilled worker programme, has been playing a rather decisive role.

It is no secret that Oz is a very developed economy. It is a leading global hotspot and extensively targeted by a large number of migrants, from all over the world. While many use the different legal paths up-for-grabs, to make the cut, many use illegal and fake ways to move and settle there in.

Australia Immigration via Skilled Worker Programme
Australia Immigration via Skilled Worker Programme

As per a report, much surprisingly, based on the humanitarian ground–and not on the ground of skilled immigration–the Kangaroo Land has been taking 12,000 to 13,000 refugees every year. These refugees have been putting tremendous amount of pressure on the country’s economy.

But when Australia immigration happens under the skilled worker category, it benefits the economy, and takes it forward. But refugee immigration is a loss for the economy. Skill shortage in the Kangaroo Land is one the rise, and Australia immigration skilled worker programme has been putting up all the efforts to meet with the demand. But refugee immigration, instead of Australia immigration for skilled worker, is a big concern that requires undivided attention.

In most of the cases, the asylum seekers and refugees have been reaching the Australian shores on the boats. At times, they even fake the incident of boat capsizing, and they declare themselves without any valid papers to be deported back to their country. Every year, the numbers are on the rise with most immigrants taking the sea route to arrive on the Australian shore lines. The events of smuggling of the people are also happening even while it has become an important concern for the country. To tackle such problems stricter actions have been taken, and it will make the Australian shores hard to breach.

Why Asylum Seeking will be difficult in Australia?

Indefinite Mandatory Detention: As an act to counteract the problem of people arriving without any visa and valid papers, the Australian Government has the right to detain them even in the prisons, if the need be. With such a step taken, it will discourage the immigrants take this route and move to the Australian soil.

Community Detention: Under the community detention, the government has the right to determine a community in which the immigrants would be living. The immigrants or asylum seekers will not be given the freedom of choosing their own place. They cannot move around freely in the country. In the asylum, they will have to work for the period they are staying in there with no specific pay. Wage rates will not be applicable as per the ruling of the state for such employment. Such a take from the Australian authorities will certainly force the illegal immigrants to cautiously take up the immigration.

No Case Support: Case support is there to help the asylum seekers with respect to the funding, to help them get recognized. But from now on it will be much tougher and challenging to get the case support. With new sanctions put forward the illegal immigration would be checked and replaced with a much stronger immigration model.

You can enter the Australian soil through the Australian immigration under the skilled worker programme, or you can take any other legal pathways, but it will be difficult to rely on anything else.

Against this backdrop, use your in-demand skills, to make the grade. The days of getting admission on humanitarian or refugee grounds are almost over. The new government in the power in Oz does not seem very accommodative on this issue. It is ready to roll out a red carpet welcome to only the deserving candidates.

Check with your immigration agent to figure-out how you can get involved with Australian immigration through the skilled worker path!

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