Australia Immigration Services & the Great Discovery of Oz

Australia Immigration Services

Immigration could be rather frustrating for most of the applicants as they have to live with the fact that rejection is just a moment away. But with professional Australia immigration services you can easily move in style–and more importantly–inside a short period of time.

Australia Immigration Services
Australia Immigration Services

In Oz, you can easily have all the comforts and luxuries once you have received the much sought after Permanent Resident (PR) status. With the help from Australia immigration services you can easily get to know how to decode the long & complex visa application process, and later ace the visa interview as well.

But one thing that you should always consider is expecting the unexpected to happen in the visa interview. At times, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) might turn resilient with the interview, or at times they might be very much liberal. It all depends on the fate and the knowledge you carry.

In this blog you will come to know about Captain Cook, the person whom you should know, if you want to make the Kangaroo Land your next home.

Who was Captain Cook?

Well, he, as cool as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean, was the man who founded the Australian continent. He was born in the year 1728, and later on after his education he got associated with the British army, and went on a voyage where he found Oz.

How the event happened?

In the year 1768, Cook was given the responsibility to sail the seas on an astronomical voyage where he was deployed to watch the different planets and how they act. In pursuit, he was mesmerized with the planet Venus and followed its trail.

The trail led him to the collaboration of many islands almost like an archipelago, and finally he stopped at the Botany Bay. It later came to be known as the Island of New South Wales. It was the first brief encounter of Captain Cook with the Australian soil.

After his unprecedented discovery, on his footprints captain Arthur Philip followed and this led to the ultimate discovery of what we know as Australia.

Cook’s brief rendezvous with Aborigines of the Kangaroo Land led to the name with what we call the “Land of Australia” or also known as the “Land of Kangaroos”. It was an incident when Captain Cook inquired from the aborigines about the two legged animal jumping. They referred to it as the Kangaroo and Captain Cook named the island country as the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.

In the second voyage Captain Cook went further east and found the New Zealand. This was the brief encounter of Captain Cook that led to the discovery of two of the great nations– Australia and New Zealand.

If you wish to visit these beautiful countries, all you need is Australia immigration services, to help you meet with all the need.

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