Time Perfect to Start Your Canada Migration Procedure – India Next Only To Philippines in Figure of ITAs Received This Year

Canada Migration Procedure

Are you interested to move to Canada using the popular and the widely used Express Entry path, but are not sure when to kick-start the application process? Well, this is the best possible time to start your overseas journey process. Yeah, it is true!

Canada Migration Procedure
Canada Migration Procedure

Read the blog to know why and how!

As per the latest reports on the subject, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points have been heading south from the beginning of this year even as the figure of the Invitations to Apply (ITAs) have been heading north in each & every draw conducted under the Express Entry System.

Allegedly, the plan of the Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is to offer 73,700 ITAs for the various Federal economic schemes this year. The figure of the ITAs being given hitherto clearly shows that the Maple Leaf Country has its priorities in place, and it is eager to usher-in immigrants as per its yearly goal this year.

Check the box given here and see how the figure of the ITAs offered on the quarterly basis and the total figure of the ITAs provided thus far, in 2017, has been gradually improving, and how it’s advantage India now.







China ——-7,770——-3,230——-11,000


Present your petition into Express Entry Pool without any delay as the CRS points have nose-dived by as much as 55 points since January to date.

IRCC Makes New Changes

Reportedly, the IRCC has also made public some changes to the Express Entry structure and these will come into force from June 6, 2017.

As per the new arrangements, Job bank registration is not anymore compulsory for every applicant. If you fulfil the bare minimum entry conditions for the online system you will automatically find yourself being placed into the pool, and will directly become entitled for the much sought after invitation rounds.

Significantly, 30 extra points will be given for the CLB 7 & CLB 5 or more in each of the four language capabilities of the French (TEF) & English (IELTS) exam results in that order.

Further, the aspirants–with brothers & sisters in the overseas hotspot–will receive additional points even while to obtain these points, it will be crucial for them to illustrate that the sibling has either citizenship or permanent residency, is residing in the nation, and is 18 or above.

Summing-up, you will not get a better time than this to initiate your Canada migration course since the turnaround time could be lesser than imagined. And certainly, there is sufficient reason to conclude that the CRS threshold could keep on heading south.

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