Thousands of Future Canadian Permanent Residents Stranded Abroad

Thousands of Future Canadian Permanent Residents Stranded Abroad

The Covid-19 outbreak had an impact on many people who can’t land in Canada before their immigration documents expire. These visa holders are future Canada permanent residency holders who are just one step away from realizing their Canadian dream. Recently, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada contacted over 2,700 visa holders who requested to come to Canada. Out of 2,700 people, only 120 immigrants are allowed to land in Canada.

Many new immigrants got their visas in January 2020 and were ready to move to Canada by March but could not do it because of the nationwide lockdown and travel restrictions. Though Canada’s government had organized select flights during the lockdown, they were limited to Canadian citizens and their immediate family members. The flights were not even available for Canada PR Visa holders.

When the Canadian authorities approve an immigrant for Canadian permanent residence, they issue a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) document to the selected candidate. An immigration officer at the port of entry or an IRCC officer signs and dates this document. Receiving the COPR is the most significant milestone in the entire Canadian immigration process. It means the candidate has completed every step of the process and is ready to migrate to Canada anytime soon and apply for PR Visa in Canada.

COPR holders utilize the validity period to learn about the Canadian job market, quit the job, upgrade skills, sell their property in India, get children admitted into Canadian schools, meet their friends and families, and do other necessary formalities.

However, with the current restrictions in place, many foreign nationals with expired COPRs are not allowed to enter Canada, despite having being exempted from travel restrictions. If they want to travel, they must get an authorization letter from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). To cater to such applicants, IRCC also launched – in July 2020 – a web form to expedite the process and help people who are impacted by the Covid-19 situation.

As of October 29, the IRCC officials have responded to the queries of 2,700 primary applicants who had filled the web form. Out of all, 120 applicants are now all set to move to Canada.

As per the IRCC program delivery instructions, “Priority will be given to clients with a proposed or confirmed and detailed travel plan, or a willingness to book and confirm travel plans immediately once approved.”

The department is also working to issue the letter of authorization to applicants to migrate to Canada and smoothly complete their PR card process.

IRCC also issued another statement saying:

“IRCC is working on solutions to bring these future permanent residents to Canada while ensuring the health and safety of Canadians during the pandemic. With or without travel restrictions, travellers cannot come to Canada with expired documents. Since many of these clients were delayed from travelling because of COVID-19, we developed a new process to extend their COPRs electronically if they were approved on or before March 18 (and thus are exempt from the travel restrictions) and are ready to come to Canada to live. Capacity at IRCC and CBSA, both at port of entry and in support of air carriers, determines our ability to ramp up this innovative workaround, so that more can benefit from it.”

The new permanent residents should not be worried as Canada has some good plans to help more immigrants come to Canada and contribute to its growth and development. The country is still standing firm to invite 341,000 newcomers by the end of this year.

Next week minister Mendicino will announce Canada’s immigration target for the year 2021-2023. It is considered that Canada will continue to maintain its highest immigration numbers up to 300,000 and even beyond in the upcoming year.

Even during the lockdown, IRCC did not stop conducting Express Entry draws regularly. Those who have received their invitation through these draws can submit their permanent residence application, and then they can receive their COPR and PRVs to move to Canada. 

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