More political representation for Indian immigrants in Canada

8 Punjabi-Canadians Elected to British Columbia Assembly

On Sunday, eight Canadian citizens of Punjabi origin registered significant victories in the provincial elections of British Columbia PNP – one of Canada’s most immigrant-friendly provinces. Most of them won on tickets of the ruling New Democratic Party (NDP) within the Surrey region. The NDP itself is led by Jagmeet Singh – who is the first Indian-Canadian to head a major Canadian federal political party. With this election result, the NDP recorded its most massive win in the history of the province.

One of the winners was Aman Singh, a turbaned Sikh man, who contested from Richmond-Queensborough. He, as well as the other seven Indian-origin winners – including Harry Bains (Labor Minister), Jinny Sims (Former Minister of Citizens Services), Raj Chouhan (Deputy Speaker), Niki Sharma, Rachna Singh, Ravi Kahlon, and Jagrup Singh Brar – belong to the ruling NDP.

Within Canada, most Sikh and Punjabi immigrants are residents of British Columbia. The 2016 Census found that of the total 4.68 lakh Sikhs in Canada, 2.01 lakh are British Columbia residents. In 2017, seven Punjabi-Canadians were elected to the province’s assembly. This year, 22 Indian-origin candidates were running for the total 87 seats of the British Columbia Assembly.

In recent years, Indians have been gaining representation in Canada’s fields – specifically politics and signals an optimistic prediction for future immigration policies. Canada has historically recognized Indian immigrants’ value, and India is the top source country sending immigrants to Canada. To find out how to secure a brighter future for yourself and your family in Canada, seek the guidance of seasoned immigration experts at our pan-India offices, and avail genuine authorized representation for your Canada PR visa application.

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