Canada’s Express Entry System Improves Immigrants’ Employability and Income

Canada’s Express Entry System Improves Immigrants’ Employability and Income

As per an internal review, Canada’s Express Entry Program for foreign skilled workers has proved to be a success – increasing employment rates and income among new immigrants. The report analyzed data recorded by the Canadian government’s immigration department, and tracked the progress of 200,868 immigrants who pursued this pathway. This number includes main applicants, their accompanying spouses and dependent children, who entered Canada between 2015 and 2018.

95% of primary applicants who attained permanent residence (PR) through this program found jobs within an year of arriving in Canada, compared to 87% previously. On average, they secured a job within 1.4 months of arrival. Of these, 83% landed a job in their primary occupation – i.e. the same occupation that they practiced in their home country.

81% of respondents said their current job meets or exceeds expectations. Software designers and engineers, information systems consultants and analysts, and retail salespersons were some of the common first jobs for immigrants. On average, Express Entry immigrants earn $59,700 annually, compared to $49,400 for non-Express Entry immigrants

Those who migrated to Canada through this pathway also reported earning 20% more than immigrants who entered through the old selection system. 43% of the immigrants selected under the new system are practicing jobs in Canada that require university education, as opposed to 25% under the old system. The Express Entry Program was opened in 2015, and is currently Canada’s most robust and swift immigration pathway for skilled workers.

As per the review, immigrants entering Canada through this program actively participate in the labor market, earn competitive salaries and are employed in occupations that match their skill level i.e. they are less likely to settle for jobs that they are over-qualified for. This is because the program applies the Comprehensive Ranking System to evaluate the human capital potential of prospective immigrants. Only those who are very likely to achieve economic success are selected, resulting in better long-term outcomes.

Express Entry is designed to select specific candidates who can meet local job market requirements, and meet the specific needs of Canadian employers. Under this pathway, applicants are allocated points based on their age, education, language skills, work experience, and other adaptability factors. They are then ranked according to their point score. The highest-ranking candidates receive invitations to apply for the Canada PR Visa.

It is certain that the Express Entry System will continue to invite immigrants in a streamlined manner, and put them on the path to success in Canada. To find out about the eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, application process, and immigrate lawfully through an authorized representative – book a free counselling session with seasoned consultants at Abhinav Immigration Services – India’s most legitimate immigration consultancy, offering customized visa solutions since 1994.

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