Three More held in UK’s Immigration Raid!

The ongoing raids by the UK Border Agency have weeded out three more undocumented workers working in the UK in an illegitimate manner. The raid happened in Rusholme’s ‘Curry Mile.’ It was not long back when a restaurant in Eckington faced a heavy fine for employing an undocumented worker in its premises. The procedure by the UKBA is implemented to take care of illegal immigration cases stuffed all over the nation.

This time, officials from the UKBA besieged Meezan Superstore located at the Wilmslow Road, cross questioning the workers employed there and knowing their legal status to work in the UK.

After the completion of investigation, three men were suspected working in an illegal basis. Two are of Pakistani origin; aged 35 and 27, while they are taken into custody for staying unlawfully in the country and have been accused of infringe the visa regulations. The third accused, reportedly of Afghanistan origin, aged 30 was also found working in an undocumented manner in the UK.

All the three accused have been ordered to report to the local enforcement office during the ongoing procedures to deport them back to their home country. The business is compelled to pay its share of fine too.

Reports say that if the employer fails to show that proper pre-employment checks have been inculcated on the staff members, the business would have the onus to pay a fine of almost £10,000 per worker.

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