Time Perfect for Engineering Technologists to Immigrate to Australia, Canada

At present, there is a huge requirement of skilled Engineering Technologists in Australia and Canada.

An Engineering Technologist is one who has specialized and is dedicated towards the development, designing and implementation of technology and engineering. Engineering Technology is one of the major applied branches of engineering. Engineering Technologists’ main responsibility is to analyze and modify the new and existing technologies and apply them while testing and implementing of a project.

They mainly handle the similar topics as any other engineers. The major difference is instead of theoretical more emphasis on applied knowledge. They may easily work at the senior level management position or may become an entrepreneur.

Scope of Engineering Technologists

Their demand is very high in large array of industries; for example, the services of such professionals are largely required in industrial, management, manufacturing, maintenance and construction sector. On the basis of their qualification, they are recruited as managers and with higher education and experience they may be recruited at higher post.

The major differences between other engineers and Engineering Technologists are:-

  1. The main emphasize is on technology programs whereas other engineers’ main focus is on mathematics.
  2. More importance is given on application rather than theory.
  3. Once they join the main work force they spend more time in executing plans.
  4. They are more famous as technologists.

Engineering Technology is the reputed occupation and in demand worldwide. As not many people study the subject the demand of such professionals always remains high. Such professionals can easily immigrate to foreign shores; thanks to the growing opportunities they are offered.

It has been observed a large number of Engineering Technologists wish to immigrate to Australia and Canada as the scope for these professionals in these two countries is extremely bright at present. Both Australia and Canada are presently facing a serious shortage of such skilled professionals. Therefore, foreign trained Engineering Technologists are hired in order to meet the growing demand.

If you are interested in immigrating and either of the two countries attracts you, then you may certainly think of relocating.

Now let’s just have a look of the countries’ profile!


It is a well developed continent, one third of its population consist of immigrates which means it is an immigrant-friendly country and people from almost every corner of the world are living a prosperous life. It has been observed that the country has very less number of Engineering Technologists. So, a large number of such professionals working in the country are foreign trained.

If you wish to immigrate to Australia then following are the options:

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa–Following are the visa subcategories:

  • Skilled-Independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled-Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

Besides, there is an employer sponsored category provided you have a prior job offer from an Australian employer. You are also considered for migration if you have a close relative already residing in the country.


Located in North America the country is known for its peaceful and high standard of living. People from every corner of the world come to live and work in the country, thanks to its growing economy and employment opportunities. Interested Engineering Technologists may move to the country using the recently introduced system known as ‘Express Entry’.

Engineering Technologists can immigrate to Australia and Canada using the services of immigration experts who will provide complete information and make their journey easy and smooth.

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