Top 5 Nations offering Start-up visa Programs for entrepreneurs

Top 5 Nations offering Start-up visa Programs for entrepreneurs

Many countries offer immigrant entrepreneurs startup visas or a conditional residence permit who can either raise funding or establish a new startup overseas. These applicants can attain permanent residence in that country where they plan to start their very own innovative and unique business. Here are the top 5 nations that offer Startup visas for entrepreneurs who wish to establish their own business:

  1. Estonia

This country offers one of the most popular startup visa programs globally, with over 1,000 startups operational in Estonia. These Startups are available for either three months as well as one year.

  1. Canada

While speaking of Start-up visa programs, we cannot forget the mention of Canada startup programs are designed for entrepreneurs who have the skills and potential to establish their own business in Canada with the help of support from the designated organization and their innovative ideas. Also, the visa holders must showcase proof of funds to support themselves and their dependent families.

  1. Australia

The nation with its Investors and Entrepreneur visa permits you to own and manage your business in Australia. Also, this visa allows you to hold company and investment activity in Australia or even undertake an entrepreneurial venture in Australia. Under this route, there are three types of visas: two kinds of Business Innovation and Investment visas and a Business Talent visa. Each of these visas needs a different size of capital, proficiency in the English language, and a business plan.

  1. UK

You can procure a startup visa in the UK if your business ideas are fresh and new, as you cannot join in a business already trading. Not only should the business idea be unique, but it also has the potential for growth and progress and can generate local employment. On the startup visa, you can stay for up to 2 years or switch to this visa from another visa when you are still in the UK.

  1. Ireland

The Irish government launched its Startup Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) in 2012. This is a startup program of Ireland that gives immigrant entrepreneurs who want to set up their businesses and take residence in Ireland.

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  1. I will choose Canada SUV program as its one of the best way to get or visa and to do business also Thanky you Team for the post

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