US Immigration reforms on Green Card put on hold

US Immigration reforms on Green Card put on hold

US Immigration reforms proposed by the Democrats could not get the green light from the US Senate Parliamentarian as they ruled the proposal to not include in the reconciliation bill. The proposal by the democrats was intended to clear the piling backlogs of Green Card applications with a supplemental fee. The bill would have given provision to the family members for H-1B Visa holders to attain citizenship. However, in a setback by Senate, Indians may have to wait indefinitely.

After this debacle, the US government may look for Plan B, another bill, ‘The American Children’s Act,’ that provides the children of H-1B Visa holders. The bill also seeks to protect legal dreamers from aging out of their immigration status once they turn 21 and making them qualified to work when they turn 16. However, Plan B will take some time to materialize with the approval of the US Senate.

People risk their lives to enter the USA to seek shelter and escape from war, political persecution, famine, communal violence, and lack of opportunity in their home country. The Legal Permanent Residency and US Green card visa empowers these applicants to enjoy a wide range of social security benefits and programs. The backlogs and hurdles are the direct results of this intrusion. And, the bipartisan meeting could not address the issue, and Indians will have to wait even more. For more information you can contact our immigration experts at 8595338595 or [email protected]

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