Top 5 Reasons Why Many Canadian Study Permit Applications Are Rejected

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for study purposes. Countless students from all over the world land in the country every year, to gain from the amazing Canadian Study Permit and opportunities available here.

These students land in the nation mostly using the Student Visa path. It’s a misconception that it is pretty easy to get a Student Visa for Canada.

The truth is that in case you fail to fulfill the mandatory eligibility requirements, or if your documents are not proper, then you application may fail to make the cut and find acceptance.

However, no need to lose heart and press the panic button!

Every problem comes with a solution. In case your application for Study permit has already been rejected, then check these key factors behind the rejection of Study Visa, and also figure the right solutions and wriggle your way out of the not-too-positive situation!

Main 5 Causes behind Visa Refusals & Their Solutions

You know what there could be numerous causes behind the denial of the visa. Find some here!

  1. To begin with, your documents related to the financial background may not be too strong, and re-sultantly, the concerned immigrating official may not be convinced that you would really manage to take care of yourself financially in the country.

Solution: Offer strong evidences of your financial state.

  1. The immigration official may not be convinced with your aims of leaving the nation, post the completion of your study course.

Solution: Attach the required papers illustrating your property and permanent home and business back in your native nation.

  1. The selection of the study course may not be in compliance with your field in your nation. For instance, you could be an arts student back home but may have applied for computers course in the Maple Leaf Country.

Solution: Submit an application for the course involving your chosen field of study, or share the common thread between the two.

  1. Your petition will be subjected to the credibility test with the university you may have been chosen for. Still, at times, some colleges dishonestly register students to make money, which results in the rejection of the application.

Solution: Submit an application for ONLY administration sanctioned colleges & educational centres.

  1. The petition may also be dismissed in case you want to take your whole family with you and fail to offer sufficient documents to exhibit your link to the home nation.

Solution: Offer the valid evidence of going back.

Canadian Study Permit Applications

What To Do Post Your Study Visa Application Gets Dismissed?

As mentioned earlier, every problem comes with a way out. In your case, the solution differs depending upon the ground of denial and your situations but most of the cases get sanctioned when resubmitted post examining the motive of the refusal.

You have two options:

  1. Resubmit the petition with the right certificates/papers

Examine your petition and figure out what went wrong and why it was rejected. With the inputs from the concerned immigration official, resubmit what’s needed. Duly follow the process and pay heed to the key steps judiciously for properly filling the Study Visa petition.

  1. Repeal & contest the immigration official’s pronouncement

Chances of sanction of the Study Visa are extremely less in this situation unless the immigration official has accidentally committed an error. In such a situation, move the federal court against the decision of the immigration official. The negative thing about this is that it could consume your time and money and still the verdict may not be in your favor. Have a solid reason for appealing the Study Visa.

What Happens Once Your Study Permit gets sanctioned?

You need to get in touch with the embassy and apply there in for the Study Visa and they will give you your Study Visa. It’s legally valid for the specific period of time depending upon the course of your study. Post it, you have to return back to your home nation. After you get your Study Visa, you will get entry permit when you land at the Canada port. On the basis of your specific situation, you could gain either a multiple or single entry permit.

Summing-up, since majority of the dismissed cases are sanctioned on re-submission, don’t worry in case your Study Visa application is not accepted and you are not given a visa on your first attempt!

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