Top Advantages of B1 /B2 Visa for US at A Glance

Why do some individuals tend to move to the US, and why this country has a vast immigrant population of almost 11 million? The main reason for immigration is that since being a Super Power and a dynamic economy, many feel that they are more secured, stable and they have lucrative opportunities in the US that they fail to get at their native country.

Well, to an extent this saying holds good then ever. This immigration hotspot is dynamic, and at the same time, if you go by growth, the overall standard of living, per capita income and Human Development Index (HDI), in all these parameters, the US promises well beyond many other countries in the world.

Perhaps, it is on account of these reasons that numerous foreign nationals are yearning to move to the country, and those who have already moved, are looking forward to the prized Green Card for redeeming themselves as the proud citizen of this great country.

When you are looking forward to moving to the US, there are some visa categories that you can avail. Here, two visa categories would be discussed, namely, B1 and B2 visa for the US catering for two different purposes. This edit would cater to the requirements, definition and advantages of using B1 and B2 Visa for US.

But, the first and foremost thing to discuss what B1 and B2 visa is!

These permits are granted to those individuals who are willing to travel to the US for business or leisure.

US B1 Visas are granted to those individuals who wish to conduct business visit for negotiating contracts, participating in business meet or convention, conduct business research, buy business supplies, or appear in a business exam.

US B-2 Visas are given to those individuals who wish to travel to USA for personal reasons such as visit a family member, travel different cities of USA, attend a family event, participate in cultural events or undergo medical treatment.

If you are applying for these visas, you can opt for these activities that are mentioned in the list and this visa provides the avenues to move for such purpose to the destination.


  1. If you want to render yourself qualified for B1 and B2 visa, then you need to assure that your move to the nation is primarily focused on business, pleasure and medical treatment.
  2. You must declare to the authorities that your stay would be for a stipulated time period.
  3. You must have enough funds to sustain yourself once you move to the nation. It is imperative that you reveal your bank details to the authorities, so that they can assess your eligibility.
  4. You must declare that you have a residence outside the US, and once the purpose of the visit is fulfilled, then you will move.

Top Advantages Enjoyed by B1 and B2 Visa Holders during Their Stay in the United States

  1. This visa is granted for a stipulated period of time, so the processing time of this visa is very quick and the concerned authorities are also keen to provide this visa.
  2. You also get the leverage to get B1 and B2 Visa for a period of 10 years on some special cases.
  3. Those who have the B1 and B2 Visa can also visit neighbor countries such as, Canada and Mexico for a visit, if obtained tourist visa.
  4. The maximum duration of stay on such visas is for six months at a time but usually the visa is granted for 10 years/multiple entries.

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