Top Factors That Lift Investment Opportunities in Canada

Canada situated in the northern half of North America is home to approximately 36 million people. In terms of land size it is the fourth largest country in the world that shares the longest land border with the US. Since long it has attracted a large number of people to its shores. It’s not just that migrants are happily settled in the hotspot but they have successfully contributed towards the progress of its economy.

Lately, a large number of investors have started taking a great interest in the country and thus in the recent years the movement of foreign investors to the destination has increased at a faster pace.

Investment Opportunities in Canada

The key reason behind this development is that the investment opportunities in Canada are innumerable and excellent. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the body administering the visa and immigration affairs for the country, runs several easy to follow investment and business schemes.

Actually, the nation has one of the most established and widely popular programmes for investors and businessmen in the world. These not only enable the overseas investors to make it big in the country but also get the esteemed Permanent Resident Canada in the nation and give a good and comfortable life to those who matter for them.

Notably, the country’s national confederation system and social norms are a ‘European alternative’ to the modern capitalist countries. Their social benefits are equivalent to the European benefits and ensure unparalleled modern lifestyle for the involved people and investors.

Under the country’s model of immigration, business immigrants/investors enjoy several important benefits such as national pension scheme that provides annual income post retirement, first-class education and national healthcare benefits.

Business immigrants or investors can come to the country using any of the Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs), Quebec Investor Programme, or the Quebec Entrepreneur Programme, the Federal Start-Up Visa Programme or the Quebec Self Employed Programme.

The USP of the country’s Investor Programme is its return policy. While the Self-Employed and Entrepreneur Programmes aim at attracting the mid-range investors with minimum net worth, who intend to operate/associate or establish a venture/firm in the country, it is also ideal for the individuals with a relatively high net worth.

Top Factors That Boost Investment Opportunities in Canada

If you wish to invest in a dynamic overseas destination with an opportunity to fast grow, expand or grow, than Canada will be a very good option for you. As mentioned elsewhere, it welcomes foreign investors and offers them countless competitive benefits.

Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons that boost investment opportunities in Canada and make it a paradise for the global investors!

  • To do business, according to the Forbes and Bloomberg, the Maple Leaf Country is the best country among the different G20 countries.
  • Over the past decade, Canada has led the G7 nations in economic growth.
  • With the CETA Agreement, foreign investors can easily access both European Union and NAFTA market with a total GDP of over US $37 trillion.
  • Among the various members of the OECD countries, the Canadian workforce is highly educated, and roughly half of its working age population has acquired tertiary level education.
  • The investors get amazing financial stability in the country. As per the World Economic Forum, the country’s banking system is the soundest and the best in the whole world.
  • The country’s competitive R&D atmosphere is another reason behind the nation’s widespread popularity as a global investment hotspot. Ottawa provides the lowest business costs in the G7 for R&D-intensive segments, with a 27.7% cost advantage, over the neighboring US.

Importantly, and as mentioned before, investment opportunities in Canada are many. The nation boasts of more investment schemes than your expectations and the IRCC plans to introduce new schemes for the ambitious foreign investors in the near future.

Migrants with their family enjoy a great time. Though the official Canadian language is English and French, more than 200 languages are spoken there in. So, you really do not have to worry as to which part of the world you belong and feel perfectly at home in Canada.

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