Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa Programme — An Overview

Canada–an amazing global immigration destination– offers all one can wish for in life. Whether one wants to live a very good life and in a secure and developed place, or make profitable investments, or launch a lucrative business, he will not get a better place than the Maple Leaf Country and the easiest way is to Apply through Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa Programme.

Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa

No wonder, the nation has always mesmerized the global community and motivated them to move to the hotspot under the different visa and immigration classes available there in.

While most visa classes have been eagerly used by the aspirants, it is the Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa Plan that has perhaps been used the most.

The Entrepreneur Scheme is planned for those with the relevant business experience who possess the aim and capacity to energetically run a Canadian firm/venture with positive impact on the national economy while generating job opportunities for the local residents.

The class offers the applicants the golden chance to unite with their dear and near ones, and, of course, do money-spinning business in the country.

The Maple Leaf Country has set different rules for the various categories. The rules and requirements are not restricted to few skilled and educated candidates. Even an applicant’s managerial skill and the wish to invest in the country can help him seize PR of the nation that is located at the North of US through the Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa Class.

The scheme necessitates that the applicant establish or obtain a fraction of equity (not less than 33.33%) in a qualifying Canadian firm/venture, which, as mentioned before, he must vigorously administer. It is mandatory that the firm/venture generates not less than one new opportunity for a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

With the main aim of expanding the economy of its 10 provinces and 3 territories, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) always formulates new migration policies that are spot-on to match the specific requirement of the province territory concerned.

Coming back to the Canada Entrepreneur PR Visa class, under it, the candidate is expected to make a certain fixed investment that is different for all provinces. The wishful migrant needs to make a fixed investment in the province or either start a new business or carry on with the existing business or company. All these offers are available to the would-be Canadian entrepreneurs.

The Canadian Entrepreneur PR Visa stream is for all those honest and trustworthy candidates who are not involved in any kind of illegal activities. But to take over the business or investments, the aspirants need to provide valid proofs and certificates regarding this necessary requirement of the category.

When a person shifts to the Maple Leaf Country, out of many privileges, the health benefits he enjoys the most. This virtue lays different norms for the new migrants. Candidates with a health problem or any critical health issue that can result in any kind of threat to the Canadian citizens are denied entry to the nation. To prove his sound health condition, the applicant needs to submit all relevant papers, along with his detailed medical reports.

Safety is the major issue for all the people. Depending on this yardstick, complete safety is provided to all in the country. It is also expected that the newcomer to the nation is a lawful person. He has earned the invested money by carrying-out the legal work in his country.

His passion for work will facilitate his entry in the nation and his dedication in work will help him earn the most prized Canadian citizenship. When an entrepreneur successfully completes 3 years of Permanent Residency (PR) in the nation, and his business shows the expected results, then he is eligible to apply for its citizenship.

Canada promises a bright future to the migrants by approving their PR that allows them to enjoy certain rights and freedoms. The PR Visa allows them to reside in any province or territory. There are some specific countries to which a Canadian PR holder can travel without obtaining any specific visa formalities.

The PR status offers the right to the holder to sponsor the relatives who are left behind.

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