Top U.S. Jobs in demand Amidst COVID-19

With the current pandemic on the rise, employers and companies are facing the backlash. Many of whom who were employed are jobless. While some companies are laying off workers due to lack of demand in the crippling job market, there are some industries that are on a hiring spree, with demand in certain sectors rising by the day.

Which is why we need more skilled workers who can with their skills contribute in those sectors. This imbalance has brought about a sudden spike in demand of companies, due to a surge in demand of certain products and services that work around really innovative social distancing restrictions. If you have lost your job in the current COVID – 19 wave, here are some high demand jobs in U.S. that are looking for instant hiring

1. System Operator
2. Certified Public Accountant
3. Healthcare Specialist
4. Construction Worker
5. Warehouse Manager
6. Psychologist
7. Vehicle Mechanic
8. Academic Advisor
9. Delivery Driver
10. Store Associate

Places and areas hiring staff during this COVID-19 crisis are:

• Online Delivery houses like Amazon are hiring 100,000 new workers in its fulfillment centers nationwide to keep up with surge in demand of people ordering food as well as supplies.
• Grocery stores like Kroger, Costco, Safeway, and Albertsons
• Cleaning services as cleanliness and hygiene is one concern during this pandemic, leading to a 75% surge in job listings of janitors and cleaning services.
• Food delivery drivers that bridge the gap between local restaurants and people who have no time or resources to cook a meal.
• Census takers is one group whose help the government is taking in order to complete the 2020 census.

Here are some top companies that have the maximum job openings if you are considering U.S. Immigration:

1. 7-Eleven
2. Army National Guard
4. Amazon
5. Genentech
6. Lowe’s
7. HCA Healthcare
8. Intuit
9. Nepris
10. Whole Foods

Make the most of opportunities, with healthcare being one of the most demanded occupations in demand. The world needs more medical professionals to step in and provide their services. But above all Stay Calm, Stay Safe!

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