Twenty-seven people Arrested for Traveling on Fake Visas!

Recently, Delhi police arrested twenty seven people at the IGI airport who were traveling to Dubai on forged passports and visas. Two airlines received a threat call of a possibility of the hijack of an airplane but in actually it was a racket of immigration which was busted. Police after arresting the twenty seven culprits is now searching for the source behind this crime.

The call center Kingfisher Airlines received s threat call that around twelve Bangladeshis who were traveling on fake passports are planning to hijack the airplane which was flying to Dubai. After a few minutes, another airline named Jet Airways also received the same kind of threatening call. The police then carried on with its search for culprits at various places and arrested twenty seven people who admitted that they were traveling illegally. But they were not the hijackers but illegal immigrants flying to Dubai. The calls to two airlines were made from Dubai and it must have been called by some rival immigrant agency who wanted to reveal the identity of their rival group.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in a statement has said that the arrested men are from Iraq and they were traveling to Dubai as they were promised a job over there. The police said that the gang of fake immigration consultants who lure the clients with job promises abroad and send them to other countries on fake visas is channeled through five states in the country. Their one agent is in Delhi and the other is in Dubai, who looks after their travel expenses. Each client is charged with the amount of rupees one lakh for the entire process of immigration and most of them are aware of this truth that they are migrating illegally. On questioning them, they said that they are simply going on a vacation and nothing special. The twenty seven culprits are from West Bengal, Punjab and Haryana.

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