UK’s Population to Reach Sixty-two Million!

As per the reports by the United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics, the nation’s population was near about sixty-two million last year. What surprising is that the UK recorded such a huge population despite the fact that it experienced two successive annual falls in its net migration- in 2007-2008 and other being the last year. The figure is mainly influenced by the birth and death rates in the UK.

There is an all-new trend in the population growth in the UK. The population had gotten a push two years ago. Since mid-2008, the nation gained about 394,000 people, which eventually made it to achieve a population of over sixty-one million by the middle of last year. The UK’s population in the year 2001 was 59.1 million and over the 8 years until 2009 it had gained a lot, thanks to the low death rates, and high birth and net migration rates. However, out of the 8 years, only last 2 years until 2009 did not owe to the migration rate for the population growth.

Natural change, which implies the difference between the number of newly-born and deaths, can be attributed for the population growth during the period, from middle of 2008 to that of 2009. The difference between the two was 217,000. But, if we see the population trend in the year 2001-2002, migration was mainly responsible for the growth. When, natural change accounted for 55 percent of population growth last year, migration was responsible for 70 percent of the mass growth. The nation’s net migration, the calculated difference between the number of immigrants and emigrants slipped from 176,000 to 15,000. Even though, the natural change figure was bit down in 2009, but still higher than that of the 2001-2001. The UK recorded a total of 62,000 more births over the number of deaths. As compared to the figures of 2007-2008, the number of deaths in 2008-2009 retained the same trend, while the number of births had fallen by 4,000.

It is believed that the UK’s new points-based system for skilled workers, introduced in the year 2008, by the then ruling government (Labor Govt.) is accountable for the recent fall (2 successive years) in net migration in the nation. In 2009, the figures for the number of immigrants were down by 4,000, while there was an increase of 11,000 in the number of emigrants.

The nation’s new Coalition government is in fact, considering new measures to keep the net migration rate under control. The UK’s immigration minister said that the nation would experience drastic reduction in net migration in coming days and years.

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