UK Border Agency Warns About False Job Offers!

All prospective UK immigrants out there, you should be very careful while hiring the services of a consultant, as well as you must have the proper knowledge of the UK government immigration services. In order to avoid undesired circumstances, it is advised to have the know-how of all this stuff. Recently, the UK Border Agency has announced that the names of its officials have been used many times in job offers to convince foreign nationals for the jobs. This clearly indicates that these job offers are false.

There have been many instances, where the name of the UKBA’s director of communications is used in order to cheat foreign nationals who want to work in the UK. However, the agency is still yet to find out the nature of the scam. From this, it is to be concluded that everyone should be watchful about such inadmissible offers at the first place, before considering them.

Here are a few things that one should know:

  • Foremost, UK Border Agency is a government body that is entitled to immigration control services.
  • UKBA does not have to do with offering jobs for migrants.
  • An E-mail address of the UKBA will always include ‘gov’.
  • Be always careful in considering any offer. You should inquire about the details of the job offering entity before making any payment.
  • Avoid making payments via services like Western Union, since you may find it difficult to figure out the receiver’s name.

With the above mentioned measures, you can safeguard yourself from fraudulent job offers. In fact, these will also ensure a secure immigration process under any visa program!

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