UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa Business Plan For Immigration

UK is being seen as the most promising nation for the investors to avail a good investment opportunity. In spite of the ongoing recession across the world, UK is still sending signals of a positive investment destination. The UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa business plan for immigration is also making it possible for the entrepreneurs to come and acquire business in UK. The UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa allows an intending investor to establish or acquire business at UK and based on that also apply for a visa. The visa in this category makes it mandatory for the investor to fulfill the following criteria.

  • A seed funding of £50,000 acquired Venture Capital Funding
  • UK Government’s approval for the seed funding
  • An initial capital or investment fund of £200,000
  • A confirmation on funds availability from the financial institutions at UK
  • Availability of maintenance fund
  • The certificate on English language sufficiency

The UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa business plan for immigration does make it possible for a budding entrepreneur to come to UK and avail the business opportunity, but for a condition. The Visa makes it necessary for the entrepreneur to also produce employment for the local population. In fact this is being seen as an initiative from the UK government to make sure that the migration is utilized beneficial at either ends. The migrant should be able to have an opportunity to prosper and at the same time the economy of UK should also gain from the migration. The investment of £50,000 or £200,000 should be utilized as either investment to an already running business or as the initial set-up expenditure for initiating a business.

The objective with the migration policy is to make the economy at UK open for the talents across the world. The intending migrants are expected to have a relevant experience of the business prior to the migration. An early exposure to a similar business would increase the probability of success at UK. The HMRC policy has made it mandatory for the entrepreneur under UK tier 1 visa to get himself enrolled as a business owner, self-employed, partner or director to a business in UK. The migration policy specifically mentions that the investment should create job opportunities for the local workers in UK. For a newly established business a minimum of two positions should be created on a sustainable basis. Similarly, for an investment in an existing business the joining should indirectly found two jobs at the company.

However, the Visa application for the UK entrepreneur tier 1 business plan must be accompanied with testimonials on financial stability, relevant experience, availability of funds, biometric data base and proficiency with English language. One or more then one of the financial institutions at UK should provide an endorsement ‘in-writing’ about the availability of the funds. A compilation of all the necessary documents should make sure that the applicant gets the Visa in the minimum possible time frame.

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