UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Document Requirements

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Document Requirements are generally enumerated in the guidance manual of the application kit. You can retrieve the whole kit from the Unite Kingdom Border Agency – UKBA official site or get in touch with an expert immigration advisers and avail their services to sort out all matters concerned with the compiling all required documents with an ease.

While filling up the provisional residential request form under this classification, it is necessary and actually convenient to prepare a checklist of supportings that would accompany the primary request form and also for the dependent request forms. The attachments and annexure that must in any case accompany the relevant request primaries must be duly attached as deficit of any kind will result in delay of the processing proceedings as UKBA issues an advisory to the people whose documentary evidences are found short on any account. Failure to adhere to these instructions can also result in forfeiture of your application fee, if your request is turned down by citing inadequacy of documentary evidence as reason for rejection of request.

Desired supportings must be attached with the primary requests and dependent requests and the list of these demanded evidences varies from class to class. The documentary supportings can be classified into 2 categories i.e.

  • General
  • Specific

Obligatory general Documents for UK Tier I Entrepreneur Visa class or every class are

  • Passport sized photographs in prescribed format
  • Valid travel document i.e. generally passport
  • Old passports, if any
  • Documentary proofs indicating your status in the country from where you are filing your provisional residential permit request, incase the country happens to be different from your country of origin (country of current residence)
  • All documents that evidence personal data i.e.
  • Address proof
  • Educational qualifications
  • IT number cards
  • Documents evidencing financial credentials at personal level i.e. here you must make a submission of documents relating to your personal bank accounts
  • English linguistic evidence in form of IELTS TRF sheet

Specific instructions have been issued in cases of the documents that are prepared in regional and local languages of the country you are filing your request from. You must duly attach translated versions of the desired local language proofs that must be authenticated by the person translating the documents. He or she is also required to furnish the date of translations along his or her contact details. The details must be verifiable at any stage.

If you are filing the requests for your family along with your request then you must furnish all documents detailing personal data of your family. In this case also translated and authenticated copies must accompany all documentary evidences.

The Tier I Entrepreneur Visa Document List centric to this class concerns the documents that suffice for evaluation of your financial capabilities as required by immigration authorities for processing your business based residential permit. The Documents include a written confirmation from all of your bankers (or those institutions that are holding your finances) certifying that you are in possession of funds in tune of an amount that is equivalent to a minimum of £200000 or £50000 (as per applicable situation). It is necessary to submit each such certification individually in original. The said certificates must be endorsed by officials having authority to certify such claims.

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