Interested in Investing Overseas? Choose UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa!

European economy has been facing turbulent times with Greece turning bankrupt and many other economies, like Portugal, Spain and others facing a severe deficit budget. So, all those immigrants, who were looking forward to the Europe for migration, have started to have a second thought.

However, there is also some hope still left in the European Union (EU) because of economies, like the UK, Germany, France and they are acting as a backbone to prevent the Euro Zone from collapsing and experiencing a downward spiral.

Hence, in order to ensure that they can bolster the growth, Britain has introduced UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa Programme to attract hefty investments to their economy and help recoil back for bolstering further growth.

Given this, in case you are an enthusiastic investor and are looking forward to investment, you can always bank upon the UK and make certain that you have the best return on investment for the amounts that you have invested in the economy.

But there is something that has changed in the programme, and you must have prior knowledge of it before moving to the overseas hotspot. It is important that you are through with the Tier 1 Visa for UK Entrepreneur to ensure that you grasp everything and work accordingly for ensuring that you can easily grab hold of the visa, without any hassle whatsoever.

Earlier it was Tier 1 General; however, under the new and improved reforms the Tier 1 Point Based System has replaced the old Tier 1 General. There have been some changes that have been introduced in the Tier 1 Programme.

In this scheme, you are supposed to have 95 points straightway in your name to confirm that you are able to move to the country without any trouble. If you are looking forward to scoring the 95 points, you can achieve that by qualifying under Masters in Business Administration Programme, and that would help you to straightway score 75 points at max.

This would only be granted if you are astonishing with the results and you are able to get the best grades. The 75 points would be ascertained if you have a higher level of qualification with 35-45 points straightway earned for a higher degree. At the same time, previous earnings, if it qualifies the set bench mark, in that case, you can earn additional 5 points.

There is also a separate provision where you can get additional benefit under the UK experience level and it would help you get 5 points. There is also a provision where you can get special points if you fall between the right age categories. The points would fall between 5-20 points, and it would entirely depend upon your state under which you are applying.

Hence, possibilities are immense for expansion and growth. All you need to have is the best avenues that you can resort to, and make your dreams of moving to Britain come alive.

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