Interested In Citizenship of the United States? Choose EB 5 Visa!

Who would avert to driving on the Golden Gate Bridge? Taking a stroll on the Grand Canyon or having an apartment in New York City? America is a place that is almost a haven for many–filled with opportunities inside and garnished with a stable economy and super power tag outside.

So, there is not a single thing that doesn’t drive many to think for getting the Citizenship of the United States. But one thing that makes it too tough to think about immigration is the policies and difficulties that are associated with it. In most of the cases, even getting a Tourist or Business Visa altogether looks like a difficult ballgame, so forget about the citizenship.

But hopes are not shattered as of now, not for businessmen, of course. If you are reeling for Citizenship of the United States, there is one way that can help you make the most, and that is through investment. Only investment can help you instantly grab an American visa and even apply for the US citizenship.

Now, you may be wondering that how to do that. Don’t look baffled and skeptical! In this piece, you will get to figure-out the best ways that can be availed under the investment immigration programme, and the requirements that you must fulfill for ensuring that you move to the United States, and make the dream of driving on the Golden Gate Bridge, taking a stroll on the Grand Canyon, and having an apartment in New York City come alive.


It is an Investment Visa that you can avail for ensuring that you make it to the immigration hotspot. In each year, there are 10,000 EB-5 Visas that are processed and approved. So, the probabilities of making it through to the country are comparatively more as compared to any other visa that you can think of.

There is one more advantage that the EB-5 Visa enjoys is the priority. Since it brings investment, the authorities are more eager towards approving this visa, as compared to any other visa that one can think of.

In case you want this visa to help you get citizenship of the United States, you will have to take up investment and setup a new entity or invest your funds for the expansion of the existing one. So, the choice entirely depends on you. However, you will definitely get the citizenship that you are longing for once you are using this visa.

For making certain that you get the desired citizenship, you must invest $1, 00,000 in a new commercial enterprise, and if possible, you will be asked to setup the enterprise in such areas that are reeling for growth and development.

Post the investment, you will have to create employment for 10 qualified American citizens, and those citizens should not be in your bloodline. It is important to assure that you have created real and tangible employment that is profitable for the economy.

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