UK may face strike on July 26 by border officials

A strike is likely to take place by UK border officials on July 26 – the due date before London Olympics 2012 takes place – may create a massive delay at renowned airports in all major cities.

Taking on dissidence over salary and job loss issues, members of the public and commercial services union screamed for the 24-hour strike by voting in favor of this.

London located Heathrow airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, witnesses a long queue and huge delay – even without the strike – due to heavy security checks and various other rigorous formalities.

The union leader, however, blamed for the government’s recent step of spending cuts for such delay, the long queue was reduced during the last week after arriving of numbers of VIPs associated with the Olympics.

Reacting on the strike, the Home Secretary Theresa May, strongly spoke against the strike and told it’s a ‘shameful’ for the UK as it will make an adverse effect on the country’s reputation in the world. She asserted that, the government would definitely take a proper step for handling the situation in a better way by putting contingency arrangements.

The government is fully concerned about dealing the individuals coming through the border without facing any kind of hindrance. However, the top government official named Jeremy Hunt, associated with the Olympics, said, “We are quite confident that the government would take some measures to suppress the strike and handle the crowd alongside minimizing disruption.”

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