US needs to increase H-1B Visa – A report

Following the present US economic slowdown, a report revealed that the government is only responsible for this for not increasing the cap of highly popular H-1B visa made for foreign skilled workers. The US employers have already sent a request to the government earlier for increasing the number of visas for hiring the foreign skilled workers.

The recent report, made at the Booking Metropolitan Policy Program, has also revealed that employers from various sectors in US are keen for increasing number of H-1B visa to be issued by the country, so that they can easily meet their huge demand of skilled workers, as they find it hard to hire from a limited number.

The popularity of said visa has increased tremendously among US entrepreneurs for using it an important way of fulfilling the requirements of foreign skills, as they find it difficult to hire from a limited number of skilled professionals available in the US.

There are 65,000 visas issued on a yearly basis for H-1B category for catering the demand of graduate level or other special occupation level. Aside from that, those who have successfully earned a higher degree or master degree from a reputed US university are facilitated by providing extra 20,000 H-1B visas.

“The fluctuating US economy clearly reflects the increasing demand of skilled workers in the country and also reveals the employer’s clear intention of hiring more skilled temporary workers. The requests by employers for increasing the visa caps clearly show a great demand of such skilled workers in the country. The requests have exceeded yearly excluding between 2001 to 2003 as during this period the annual cap of H-1B visa has increased from 65,000 to 195, 000,” the report suggested.

The report again revealed that it was during 2010-2011 when requests for approximate 300,000 H-1B visa have been registered.

Neil Ruiz, an analyst among others who made the report, asserted, “Congress must be fully focused towards a drastic step against the fluctuation in the demand of H-1B visa.”

On the other hand, the US employees clearly expressed their need of more science graduate especially in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields). There is a huge shortage of such degree holders among US citizens.

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