UK Immigration Backlog 4 Decades Long

In a significant development, a group of British parliamentarians has issued a warning that the backlog of the immigration cases at the nation’s disturbed border service has touched a mind-blowing 0.5 million persons even as at the present rate of growth it will require 40-odd years to do away with the same. In its fresh report into the work of the now- out-of-use UK Border Agency (UKBA), the concerned body also learned a swell in the figure of the overseas-national lawbreakers residing in the society while they wait for exile.

The committee issued a warning that a new move to discard the organization only to substitute the same with two fresh groups – one to supervise immigration & permits, the other to manage border implementation – ran the risk of being nothing more than an exercise in renaming. It learned that in the final three months of the previous year, spending on outside advisors at the organization headed north from 27,000 British Pounds in the preceding three months to over 500,000 British Pounds.

Talking about the development, a concerned person reportedly said that the backlog of cases has hit an astounding 0.50 million individuals. He added that at the present rate it will require 37 years to get rid of the same even as the Home Office is not in a position to substantiate that the same is the final of the backlogs. He further said that the Home Secretary Theresa May had portrayed the UKBA as closed, guarded, besides cynical. But, in spite of closing down, nothing seems to have really altered, except the name.

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