US Republicans Plan to Obstruct Immigration Overhaul

According to certain fresh reports, the future of the all-inclusive immigration improvement bill–originally passed by the US Senate–appears dismal. To become law, it’s essential that the legislation is passed by the Republican dominated House of Representatives even while at a meeting recently; several House Republicans expressed their views against the same.

While the Democrats have power over the Senate, the Republicans direct the House of Representatives. A significant figure of the Republican Representatives are strongly against the bill primarily due to its core stipulation–the formation of ‘a pathway to citizenship’ for several of the 11.5 million immigrants presently residing in the country in an unlawful manner.

Not Many House Republicans Back Reorganization

Few republicans back the bill even while the chief of the Republicans in the House has proclaimed that he will not permit a vote on the subject in the House until a majority of the Republicans extend support to the same. It makes the statistical possibilities of the legislation sailing through bleak. To get 60% support in the House, 261 votes are needed, out of the 435 votes up for grabs. Though the Democrats occupy 201 seats, and even if every Democrat casts its vote in favor of the legislation, there still will be a requirement of 60 votes from the Republicans to make the bill a law.

US Congress Divided

For the past couple of years, there has not been much of cooperation between the two political parties. While the Republican Party has allegedly shifted towards the right, and finds it nearly impractical to have parallel views with Democrats on any given subject, the Democrats have shifted more towards the left. On the topic of immigration, the Republicans allege that to offer a way to citizenship for prohibited aliens would be to reward crookedness & would be unjust on real, legitimate outsiders who file a petition in the usual manner.

They are also perturbed that majority of the unlawful aliens in America are thought to arrive from Latin America even while a good number of the Latin Americans presently cast their votes in favor of the Democrats. Hence, the Republicans worry that offering citizenship to a large number of prohibited aliens would be against their party’s electoral fortunes.

Latino Voters Drifting Away From Republicans

Others allege that since the party does not back the corridor to citizenship, it is becoming poorer of the support of the present Latino voters who favor such a course of action, via the reforms. Presently, it seems that the Republicans are dead against the legislation.

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