UK Immigration Cap criticized by Nobel Laureates!

Indians have been affected greatly with the recently introduced immigration cap by the UK government. The cap caters to limited numbers of skilled migrants coming from non – EU nations. Many businesses and other leading enterprises have condemned this cap claiming that this would impact the economy of the nation.

Now, two recipients of the Nobel Prize along with 8 other Nobel Laureates from Britain have stepped in and have written a letter to the government requesting them to reconsider their decision. The two recipients of the Nobel Prize for physics are Russian migrants who are living in the UK. As per them, the present curbs on the number of visas would keep away the best talent in the world from coming to UK.

According to Sarah Mulley from the Institute of Public Policy Research, the immigration cap placed by the government would seriously impact the highly skilled migrants from coming to the nation. It is agreed that the local British people would not want general immigration on the rise. But this does not mean the nation stops the highly skilled people from coming in. Even the local people would not agree to that.

The British government brought about an exemption when it came to the footballers in the premier league so that they are not bothered with the visa curbs. However, the same rules continue to apply to others. As per the Nobel laureates, this can be considered as a sad reflection of the priorities as projected by the nation, the instance being footballers are free to come but then some of the best engineers and scientists are not permitted.

As of now, it would not be wrong to say the government is in a tough position with the democrats voicing out their anger claiming that the immigrants are taking away their jobs. This led the Tori government to pledge and bring about a cap in immigration. However, constant warnings have come about both from businesses as well as from the academic front which could cater to a difficulty in maintaining the economic interests of the nation.

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