UK Immigration for Indians: Gaining Popularity Day By Day

The United Kingdom (UK) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of the continental Europe. The nature-blessed Island Nation has the sixth largest economy, and due to high standard of living, beautiful tourist destinations, blue beaches, well maintained infrastructure, the immigration destination, since too long, has been a dream destination for every third intended immigrant in India even as it is adding to its popularity day by day, due to several other equally compelling reasons.

To attract the best of the lot, the UK Government has opened many gates for them (the aspirants from India like elsewhere). There are various types of visa classes up for grabs from UK Immigration which can easily help the candidates to enter the beautiful world of opportunity and do well in life. Depending on one’s specific requirements–i.e., study, work or just holiday—the person can easily immigrate to UK, either on temporary or permanent basis–provided, of course, he successfully fulfills the widely preferred destination’s immigration and visa conditions.
Why UK is the first choice for Indians

There are many reasons why Indians, by and large, prefer the country, as compared to most other countries. Frankly speaking, UK immigration for Indians is a win-win situation. A large number of Indians are already residing in the country, and an equal number are waiting to do so.

Coming back to the reasons, here are some of them:

  1. Once a person has obtained a permanent permit, he can live and work in any part of the country, without any restrictions or difficulties whatsoever.
  2. The country is diverse in nature as a significant number of people immigrate from round the world to its shores, round the year. Any and every ethnicity is welcomed with open arms (at times, literally).
  3. A large number of Indians have made UK their second home.
  4. The country is well known for its renowned educational system and Indians are well known for hard work and laborious attitude. A remarkable number of Indians come to UK for higher education.
  5. The nation gives an excellent opportunity to Indians to channelize their talents and skills with better economic and social growth.
  6. The nation has a limited hours working procedure with better pay perks.
  7. In UK, people are friendly and helpful; they easily welcome Indians in their country, and help them to work, the major attraction for Indians immigrating to UK are the unparallel work opportunity, peaceful environment and pay package in pounds which increases the value of money.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, there are many other reasons also which much inspire the Indian migrants to move to the UK. For instance, in the UK, work the environment is rather healthy. Actually, the government leaves no stones unturned to safeguard the right of the immigrants, through strict employment rules and regulations.

Every immigrant has a right to take not less than 4 weeks of paid leaves annually. It includes both illness pay and maternity/paternity leaves. For any negligence, the employer is responsible for the health and safety of its workers. The work condition in the nation is considered to be one of the finest across the globe.

The immigration process to UK in lengthy, and requires lot of paper work to be done. But it is not a difficult task. The UK immigration authority has several easy-to-follow immigration categories for the convenience of the candidates. The complete procedure can easily be divided in to two broad categories, i.e., Tier-1 and Tier-2.

For both the classes, the applicants’ eligibility is assessed on the basis of point based system. The Tier 1 specifically entertains the migrants who are capable of immediately contributing to the country’s national economy; for example, skilled professionals, investors, business owners, etc., and the Tier 2 is meant for trained workers only. One can submit the visa application online as well. The petition will be forwarded to the British High Commission, for further processing.

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