UK Immigration Officers to Hold Strike!

People who are planning to travel the United Kingdom or scheduled their trip for next Thursday or Friday are likely to face some delays at passport control, reason being the UK immigration officials are planning to hold it first strike in thirty years. Reportedly, more than two thousand members of the Immigration Service Union hold 48 hours strike from Thursday midnight.

Immigration professionals are going to hold strike following a dispute over work rosters, which is likely to cause travel disruption to travelers intending to enter the United Kingdom next Thursday or Friday. However, the UK border Agency’s chief executive was caught saying that they will make sure that the strike would not make much disruption in traveling of the people.

It is expected that the Immigration Service Union’s strike will cause lengthy immigration queues, as well as affect the airports as well as the seaports in the UK. The union reportedly represents about eighty-four percent of immigration staff. Thus, it is speculated that all members will walkout and support the strike. This can be therefore concluded that the strike is going to have deep impact on passengers hoping to travel, no matter which they choose, air or sea!

Reportedly, imposition of team working, as well as alternations to the roster system concerning the workers responsible for passport control has triggered the ongoing dispute, which is eventually going to cause strike!

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