Qureshi Needs To Stick The Trophy On To His Suitcase For Speedy Immigration!

When New-York is the destination, Qureshi had no other option than taking the annual inquiry as he was called upon from Pakistan for men’s double final.

A 30 years old gentleman, however, found his US runners-up trophy to be the best source to find his way through US immigration. Now, he might wish to attach the trophy which he was awarded on Arthur Ashe Centre on to his suitcase in order to prove himself to be world class champion of Tennis. Qureshi told the reporters after the Men’s Double Final that he faces maximum trouble with US immigration check than with immigration check of any other country.

He revealed that no where in the world after traveling for 15 hours he waits for another 3 hours at the immigration check. Furthermore, he points out that he has been facing this problem from past ten years.

Moreover, he feels that people have got a false image of Pakistan being the Nation of Terrorists. Qureshi got really offended at this and added that the entire country cannot be judged simply by certain bunch of people who are willing to destroy the entire world.

This would be the last thing that any international athlete would prefer doing after traveling for not less than 15 hours and then wasting his another 3 hours at the airport at immigration check.

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